Cuban Sewu, One of The Most Amazing Waterfall on Earth

cubansewuuDo you like traveling ? Do you like nature ? Do you like a little hard trekking ? If the answer is yes, I suggest you to come here.
This is Cuban Sewu or Tumpak Sewu. A great waterfall near Malang – Lumajang, East Java. From Malang its called Cuban Sewu and its called Tumpak Sewu by Lumajang peoples. From Malang, this waterfall located in Ampelgading, before Lumajang. From Lumajang, this waterfall is located in Pronojiwo.

Cuban mean waterfall and Sewu mean thousand in Java Language.  We will not found only single waterfall but many in one place. Amazing, right?  At least for me, hahaa… :D
I went there with my brother and it’s really surprised me very well. Its about 2.5 hours far from Malang by Motorcycle. We have two option to reach this waterfall from the parking stop, by Gua Tetes or  stairs.  Both of them need great stamina If you pass through the stairs, you will walk down the 90 degress stairs for about 30-45 minutes. Do not forget that the stairs are not spacious enough to pass one person,  so don’t try to  imagine if two people meet in the middle of the stairs,  especially if one of them carrying a large backpack on his back. The only thing you can do is just hold your breath, tilt your body and pray .. hahaa … :D
If you pass by the Gua Tetes, no need to pass through the stairs then, just walking pass a little hard track.  But do not worry, because you’ll be treated to the most amazing scenery along the way. Just prepare your feet to walk about 45-60 minutes down a cliff, passing in the valley, crossed the river, and more. For me, Gua Tetes is much more difficult but very beautiful than passing by the stairs.
Oya another reason to go there is the super cheap ticket for this amazing waterfall. Its only about IDR 5K/person. You can also hire a local guide to take you there. Just ask the locals in parking stop. 

Well, here is it ….
One of the most amazing waterfall I’ve ever see. Really sorry if the picture is not good quality. Its only taken by cheap phone. Please feel free to drop me a Canon 7D SLR or others .. hahaaa … :D




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