6 beach in a day + bonus snorkeling

pantai savanaHoreeee ….
Finally I have something to write here. Usually I want to write but confuse then. Just don’t know which/where/how to begin, hahaaa.
Well, yesterday I go to some beach in South Malang. Not only one, but I go to 6 beach in a day. Can you believe? Maybe I will not believe it also untill I went there by my self. Hahaaa….
The beach that I visited yesterday is Clungup Beach, Gatra Beach, Savana Beach, Mini Beach, Watu Pecah Beach and Tiga Warna Beach. Most of them is not so popular is tourism destination as Goa Cina Beach or Balaikambang Beach. So we’re just lucky that we can feel such of our private beach while we there. But although they are not really popular, they are really amazing and beautiful. Clungup Beach is also known as Mangrove Conservation, so if we go there, we can also donate for mangrove life. Tiga Warna Beach is also amazing because we can do …….
Why did I wrote in capital ? because I was just so surprised. No need to go to other city/island to do that activity for me. And I never did it before. And snorkeling in Tiga Warna Beach is really cheap guys. Trust me, you will have more than fun over there.

First of all maybe I should thanks to mb Diah from Surabaya who arranged this trip. And also I should thanks to mas Roni, the efficient man. Because of him I can follow this wonderful journey because he take me by his nice Orange Yamaha Motor. And he bought me some cilok also, what a nice gift, thanks yaaaa …..
We are 19 peoples go there by motorcycle. We are Diah, Refan, Kapung, Xavier, Roni, Yudha, Lydia, Lala, Rizka, Rizka Ye, Rizka Febri, Cindy, Chory, Gizka, Pury, Nur Annisa, Prilli, Endah, Rillya,  and I surely :) Actually we have a plan to meet at 07.30 am but in fact, we’re just met at about 08.40 am. One of the reason is because of mb Diah and I who came late, really sorry for that guys …. :)
It just the first chance for us to meet each other, to know each other but then we’re just like a family in fact. When our motor (I mean the orange motor belong to mr Efficient) got some accident in the middle of forest, all of others just waiting for us and show their empathy. It just so nice because we never know before.


Well, Clungup Beach is located in Desa Sitirejo, Kecamatan Sumbermanjing Wetan , South Malang. This beach is not so famous because of the location. But in fact, the road to get there is quite easy. From Malang , we can follow Sendangbiru Beach direction . After that, turn right heading towards the coast of Goa China. But we didn’t go to Goa China, isn’t it. Just turn left from Goa China and look for Clungup Beach Board. You know guys, the road to go there is very amazing, we have to pass many forest without any electricity at night (thanks God we pass it at morning, hahaaaa …) . For first, after we reach there, we have to meet the Clungup Beach Ranger from Bhakti Alam Sendangbiru / Clungup Mangrove Conservation at their station. We have to pay at about IDR 6 K each person there. They also check all our luggage. They count it very thoroughly. How many bottle/plastic/snack package that we bring that time ? Because we have to carry out all the things we carry in, do not waste anything there. If the goods that were not in accordance with the items carried out, will incur a penalty of Rp 100,000 / waste item / items missing from the checklist item. Or you should back to the beach looking for your missing things. All of the regulation is written on the station board. Oh ya, if you want to go there, better if you book them first, because this beach is limited for about 100 visitors only per day. You can call 081233339889 (Pak Saptoyo) or 081233650886 (Mas Bhakti) for reservation. No need to bring a tent, because the Bhakti Alam offers rental of tents. Enough to pay IDR 25 K / tent (fit 5 people) and we get a mattress. In addition, we are also obliged to pay the land rental fee of IDR 25 K / tent. So the total cost  is about IDR 50 K/ tent. Traveler is allowed camping near Clungup Beach and Gatra Beach area.

After check point and park your motorcycle near the station, just enjoy your journey then .. :P
If you think you will walk between the coconut tree or maybe between some sand, you’re just quite wrong guys. Because we never see any coconut tree there. In fact we’re just walk across banana plantation and some mangrove forest. After walking about 15 minutes ……
taraaaaaaaa …..
The beauty virgin Clungup Beach is yours now … :)
IMG_3165IMG_3188IMG_3174pantai clungup

After spend about 20 minutes to take picture (selfie/welfie is a must, isn’t it .. :D  ) there, we”re just walk again to the next beach. The track is quite easy to passed by. Just a little climb, a little hot, a little tired but very happy. We’re see many traveller who camping in this area. All just smile and offer us some snack or drink. Feel the wind, see the smile, enjoy the land .. wow … just like in little heaven I guess, hahaaa ….
We walk about 20 minutes and then here is Gatra Beach.

IMG_3216 IMG_3219IMG_3266pantai gatra

So, hows that ? amazing, isn’t it? But it’s not enough, let’s walk again and again and again. I tell you, while I walked that day I just feel so bad, because its so hot and we should climb more. Even I talked to my self, oh God, why should I did it … hahaaa … :D
But after I see the picture that I shoot, it was just damn so beautiful. Maybe I can say that our trip yesterday was one of the most beautiful trip I’ve ever did. I will say yes more if you invite me to go there again, hahaaa… We climb in about 20 minutes and …. here is the third virgin beach for you. The Savana Beach ……….

pantaiIMG_32122bukit savana

We spend only 10 minutes there because we did not reach the beach. We only see them from the hill where we stand. Go on the next beach is Mini Beach. The track is quite hard than before. We have to climb more high. But the scenery along the track is damn so amazing. So, prepare your feet and your stamina very well. Also prepare your camera please.. hahaaaa …
One of my friend said Mini beach is just like Raja Ampat in Papua. It was just really beautiful. You can see the picture in the top of this article.


Next, let go on the Watu Pecah Beach. It is a javanesse languange, in my opinion maybe it mean is the crushed stone/rock. Because of  the waves attack every time, so the rock/stone just became crushed then, hahaaa … :D
But I told you honestly that their waves here is really terrible. They made me almost lost my sandals and also attack my camera while I took picture, there .. hahaaaaa .. :) We spent about 15 minutes walking from Mini Beach to this Watu Pecah Beach.

watu pecahwatu pecah beachthe waves attac

Well, now we go to the next stop, the last beach in this trip. This is the most virgin beauty beach all over South Malang I guess, hahaaa …
Taraaaaa … Tiga Warna Beach. Why they call it tiga warna, because this beach contain of three color, light blue, dark blue and green. But I dont know why, I just can not see the different of the color there. Maybe because I came a little late. We reach there at about 2.30 pm, maybe the sunlight a little influence the color. But however, still this is the great beach to see. So quite, so clean, so nature, so beatiful, so relaxing. We can also do snorkeling here. The sea is only about 5-6 meters deep and not so far from the beach, I guess its more safe for me who can not swim to go there, hahaaa … :) . The best news is the price. It’s only about IDR 15 K to rent the snorkeling set. The underwater scenery is quite good also.  Ohya, before I forget, maybe better for you to go there with a guide. Because guide can direct you to this 6 beach easily. Some traveler go there without guide and they’re only found less than 6. The price for guide is about IDR 75 K/10 person. You can ask about it while you call Bhakti Alam Conservation to do any reservation.
pantai tiga warnatiga warna_1tiga warna_2tiga warna_3tiga warna_4tiga warna_5snorkel_3 snorkel_2 snorkel_1

bonus sunset at the way back to the Clungup Station.


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